• "Experience HISTORY! LOVE IT!!" - August, 2017;

    This hotel built in 1889 is a treasure and decorated in Victorian charm. It is as if you stepped back in time. Co-owner, Lori and her parents make sure you are well taken care of at all times. This is not our first time here and we keep coming back and enjoy the hotel a little bit more each time. We also appreciate the history and the building a little bit more each time as well. The parlour area as well as the deck has seen our family relaxing and enjoying a private party that ends up meeting other hotel guests as well as the owners to where we are making and meeting new friends and enjoying the ambiance of this hotel. I can't say enough good things about Hotel Josephine and will certainly make another trip for no other reason than staying at this hotel and seeing Lori again. I can't wait to try another room and enjoy the surroundings and friendship once more. I highly recommend this as well as enjoying the beautiful boutiques and unique shops that Holton, KS has to offer. I always come home with a beautiful treasure from my trip. Stayed August 2017, traveled with family - Sandra F., St. Louis, Missouri (TripAdvisor)

  • "Lovely Nights Stay" - February, 2015;

    First time at this inn and was so pleased with its warmth and relaxed atmosphere. Filled with history and antiques the décor itself keeps you entertained. The hosts were very friendly and the atmosphere is very homey. Loved it and will frequent again on my trips through Kansas. Stayed February 2015, traveled solo - Angie A., Sioux City, Iowa (TripAdvisor)

  • “Their Honesty Saved My Job.” - July, 2013;

    I stayed here in July 2013 because of the rave reviews I read on TripAdvisor. It was warm, comfortable and while the decor was as comfortable as my grandmother's home, it was part of the charm of the B&B. I felt good here.
    The next morning I was running a little late and left the hotel leaving three VERY important client folders laying next to the bed. I discovered my mistake 2 days later and my heart stopped. These folders had $14,000 in them, had my clients' confidential information in them, including social security numbers and business accounting data. There is no way I could have recreated these folders without losing the confidence of our clients and losing my job.
    I started retracing my steps mentally and called the hotel I stayed at the following night and then called Hotel Josephine. A young man answered and said that he had found 3 folders and they were holding them behind the front desk. GIANT WHEW!
    I drove 50 miles back to the hotel to pick them up. They were perfect, full of the cash and cashier's checks and all the rest of the information. NOTHING was touched. The young man was the owner's son and when he found the folders, he sensed that they were different than trash and seemed to be more important. So, he kept them, figuring that the owner of them would be back.
    Wow! I am so impressed that he had the wherewithal to realize that these may be important documents and the maturity to save them without disturbing them. This young man is why there is still hope for future generations.
    Go out of your way to stay here and tell them about reading this review on Tripadvisor. - JRC417, Western USA (TripAdvisor)

  • “What a fabulous, home like hotel without the home like stressers.” - November, 2011;

    Although my entire family resides in and around Holton, our decision to stay at Hotel Josephine was perfect. The staff could not have been more friendly and helpful. From the moment we walked in it was obvious that we were in a clean, caring and comfortable environment. With our vacation starting off running for the airplane and continued with crazy, almost unbelievable chaos, the staff made us feel as though there were no problems at all. They truly know how to make you feel at home. The room we stayed in was very clean and cozy. Although in a historical setting, we were provided all the amenities we are spoiled with in todays world; a microwave oven, tv, refrigerator and more in our room with a private bath.... WE LOVED IT!!!!! - Lina S., Longwood, Florida (TripAdvisor)

  • "Always the best place to stay in Holton" - August, 2011;

    I am a missionary to the Philippines and travel to many places while home on furlough. I am also a former Holton resident who loves to stay at the Hotel Josephine. The rooms are unique, cleverly decorated, exceptionally clean and people friendly! The staff keep your needs met and provide even basics like an iron, and blow dryer when I forgot mine this last trip! The new ownership is doing an outstanding job of providing a "haven of rest" for the traveler! - Mary W., McAlester, Oklahoma (TripAdvisor)

  • "Outstanding Staff!" - May 2011;

    Blessed to have found this amazing place with great charm. Staff made me feel as if we had been friends forever. Thank you for making my three and a half week stay seamless and without flaw. - 66hopes (TripAdvisor)


    My husband and I happened across this beautiful historian hotel pretty much on accident due to all of the other places within the area being full! We was glad that we did, too! We seriously enjoyed our visit there! We have spent many a nights in the modern day hotels, however we found Hotel Josephine to be more relaxing than any of the other more up to date ones that we've previously visited! It started the moment we entered the lobby. Just opening the we viewed a VERY beautiful taste of time from 'back in the day'! The old Victorian theme (furniture, and deco) only added to true beauty of Hotel Josephine! Our room had what I considered it to be an old antique appearance. Hey, isn't that the whole idea or meaning behind historian? The wall paper displayed a beautiful antique look as if from that era. The poster bed, also had an antique look to it and was found to be comfortable! We slept on clean non-stained sheets, as some suggested differently in the reviews I read earlier. The furniture attire consisted of a sitting chair & dresser which also tied well into the room. Both displaying a true antique look! The main entrance of the lobby was actually where the corner of the bldg. was, and off to the side facing the courtyard sat a couple wrought iron chairs/bench for the visitors relaxation. On into the night, well after dark, I found myself comfortably relaxing outside while using my laptop, enjoying being able to listen to the critters of the night (crickets, locus, etc...). To me, this was so relaxing! So peaceful! and Ooh so enjoyable! Even feeling safe sitting outside alone in a town unknown to me! I've read the other reviews posted here, and have to agree with the individual which stated the fact that this historical bldg is OVER 100 yrs old! I have to add that one must keep in mind that during those days a home actually was not built for a great deal of comfort... after all back then the majority of people either worked the fields, cared for the garden, or tended to the animals, remember the ladies even did the laundry outside as well! Therefore, the homes was not built for quiet, sound proof walls, or a major deal of comfort, but yet a roof over their heads, stoves to cook on and beds to sleep in... even then some of the beds were made of hay - so not exactly made for total comfort... don't misunderstand me, our room was comfortable, yet the walls were thin with a few noises creeping through, but none annoying enough to ruin our stay!

    So those with higher expectations then sure this hotel is not going to meet up to your high standards, or match those of a modern, up to date room of today! However, if your standards are those of wanting the old piece of history, with a comfortable nights sleep, with a friendly & courteous staff, then YES this IS a hotel where you would enjoy your visit!

    Everyone is different & entitle to their own opinions... however this is mine & I hope if you choose to visit Hotel Josephine you will enjoy your stay, if even only half as much as we enjoyed ours!

    Good luck, stay safe & happy vacationing!

    Room Tip: For us, we enjoyed the victorian style rooms... - LadysWeb (TripAdvisor)


  • "Great historic place" - May 2011;

    Had to stay 3 days because of holiday stayed memorial day weekend. Staff was friendly and courtious. Stayed in the Jesse James room ,the beds were comfortable and like new. They have been refurbishing the place and will stay there again when traveling thru. - crzymn, Dallas Texas (TripAdvisor)



Hotel Josephine
501 Ohio Ave.
Holton, Kansas 66436